Cycling in Strathconon: a family bike ride

We’ve been exploring the glens that run east-west on the west side of Inverness. Strathconon is a long one, with a quiet single track road running almost to the end. As you climb gently beside the River Conon, the hills rise on either side of you, leaving the farmland of the lower strath behind. We came this way in the autumn, and the colours reflected in the water of river and loch were magical.

Autumn colours on the River Conon

Distance: It’s 38 miles return trip from Marybank to the end of the road. We went 15 miles (7.5 miles each way) to the Meig Dam, which was a nice turning point.

Parking: We parked in Marybank village. There is a parking area at the end of the public road by Loch Beannacharain, and there are various spots along the way where it would be possible to park a car or two. Please be considerate and do not obstruct access or passing spaces.

Strathconon cycle ride: the route

On leaving Marybank, the road initially passes through farmland, with views of Ben Wyvis off to the right.

You then cycle past Loch Achonachie, which has a dam and a couple of power stations.

After Loch Achonachie, the road follows the River Conon for a while, and then turns and begins to climb through woodland, passing Scatwell House.

After climbing for some time up to around 110m, you reach the Meig Dam, with beautiful views up the loch. Our children really enjoyed standing on the dam! We turned back here towards Marybank, but the glen continues much further. An adventure for another day!

Strathconon: what is the terrain like?

The Strathconon road is a good quality tarmac road with plenty of passing places. It was fairly quiet, we saw about 45 cars on our cycle ride (roughly one every five minutes), and all but one of the drivers were very considerate. It was a good place for cycling with bike trailers, and for older children with some road sense on their own bikes.

Good quality single track tarmac road

There was some elevation gain, particularly from Scatwell up to the Meig Dam, but this was mostly gradual, and our youngest cyclist only got off to walk a couple of times.

We had a great day out, and are keen to return and explore further up the glen!

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