Tomnahurich Cemetery Hill

Tomnahurich is a prominent Inverness landmark, with steep sides rising sharply above the flat river plain of the city centre. It is surrounded by a Victorian cemetery, and there are also graves and a war memorial on top of the hill. The hill is a glacial esker ridge, like nearby Torvean. The views from the top are spectacular, with all Inverness laid out at your feet. It’s a beautiful and peaceful spot.

Distance: From the cemetery gates to the top and back on the main path is about 1.2 miles / 2km. It is possible to take a shorter, steeper route to the top with some flights of steps.

Parking: If you are coming by car, I would park in Bruce Gardens or the surrounding area, and come in through the back cemetery gate. The path to the top starts from here.

Tomnahurich Cemetery

The main path is broad and flat, and it is possible to take a pushchair up to the summit of the hill. The caveat is that the path ends in a sort of hollow in the middle of the top of the hill, and to access the summit plateau, you will need to do a short but steep push up the slope, or carry the pushchair up a flight of steps.

The views from the top are beautiful, you can see right across Inverness, over to the Black Isle and out along the Moray Firth. A short walk, and well worth the climb!

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